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Finding the right eye care solution can be challenging. Driving around town to different providers for your exam, lens fittings, and other eyecare needs can be frustrating. We understand the need for a single, reliable provider for all of your eye care needs, from referrals for advanced surgeries to the latest in eyewear fashion. Mountain West Optical offers it all!

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At Mountain West Optical, we offer professional and personalized care when it comes to your vision health. Our team is committed to providing you with the perfect eyewear solution to fit your job, style, and personality. We work with most insurance companies and seek to provide the best service possible.

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Years of Eye Care Experience

Founded in 1984, our expert team brings years of experience in helping people solve a wide variety of vision-related ailments.

Extensive Range of Eyewear

We offer specialized and ballistic eyewear for just about any activity or lifestyle. Our custom glasses are guaranteed to meet any of your needs.

Comprehensive Solutions

Aside from glasses, our team is able to provide referrals for surgical solutions such as corrective surgery or lasik.

Finding Quality Eye Care Has Never Been Easier

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Tell us about your specific eye care needs. We will craft a plan to provide a vision solution.

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Enjoy the sunshine in style! Our sunglasses will have you enjoying sunny weather while protecting your eyes from harmful UV Rays. We have specialized glasses to match just about any activity.

Prescription Eyewear

Our team understands that no two eyes are the same. Our expert craftsmen are able to create the perfect set of custom prescription glasses designed specifically for you.

Reading Glasses

A good pair of reading glasses can mean the difference between eye strain and a relaxing evening. Get your perfect pair of glasses and read on without worry.